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Law School

In 1997 the law school opened law junior college courses, in 2000 its level of running school rose to law undergraduate and in 2013 the undergraduate major of intellectual property was newly added. In 2003 the right to grant a master's degree was authorized. Nowadays, the law school has two undergraduate majors in law and intellectual property, confers four legal degrees: LL.B., LL.M. (including criminal law, procedural law and national law three postgraduate majors), J.M. and Ph.D. in national law.

The faculty of law school is well-qualified and the structure is reasonable. There are 41 faculty members, including 34 full-time teachers, 14 professors, 14 associate professors and 4 lecturers. Of the teachers, 19 have doctorates and another 4 are pursuing a doctorate. There are 5 teachers with doctoral tutor qualifications and 23 teachers with master's tutor qualifications. Set up 4 teaching and research offices for theoretical law, substantive law, procedural law and intellectual property. Has high level of scientific research and social service platforms such as: China-ASEAN Legal Training Base, National Law and Regional Governance Research Collaborative Innovation Center, Guangxi Intellectual Property Development Institute, Guangxi Intellectual Property Training(Guangxi university of nationalities)Base, Southern National Law Research Base, Guangxi Local Legislation Research Evaluation and Consultation Service Base and so on.

The law school aims at building a “first-rate in the region, first-class in national colleges and universities across the country” law school, establishes the development idea of “with the teaching and research of the Chinese law as the foundation, the study of the ASEAN law and the national law as the characteristic”, fully implements the school's “national, regional and international” orientation purposes, always adheres to the direction of socialist education, takes the responsibility of cultivating high-quality compound talents and national cadres with a strong socialist concept of the rule of law, high degree of social responsibility, solid legal professional foundation, skilled legal practice ability as own duty, reforms its training model constantly, highlights the advantages of running a school, to comprehensively promote the rule of law, to train high-level legal professionals, in particular, provides talent support for local rule of law construction in the western ethnic areas and Guangxi, to provide guarantees for the rule of law for the development of the western ethnic areas and Guangxi's local economy, society, and culture.



Mailing Address: Office of Law School of Guangxi University of Nationalities, NO. 188, East University Road, Nanning, Guangxi.

Telephone (fax): 0771-3265505


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