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AnIntroduction of College of Ethnology and Sociology

TheCollege of Ethnology and Sociology (CES), Guangxi University for Nationalities wasfounded on the base of the previous Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, Guangxi Institute for Nationalitieson July 22,2003. It takes the specialty of Ethnology as a core in integrating relevant specialties. The organizational system can be traced back to the Research Division of the university established for the ethnicinvestigation in the area of South-central China in 1953.

There are complete levels in talent training fromundergraduateto post-graduate studies in the CES. Itpossesses five undergraduate specialties inEthnology, History, Sociology, Social Work and Anthropology respectively, six master programs inEthnology, History of China, History of Science and Technology, Sociology,Cultural Relics and Museum, Teaching of History,anda Ph.D. program in Ethnology. At present, there are 841 students of the above mentioned three levels in total.

TheCES inherits the ideology of Ethnicity, Internationality and Regional Specialty in educational development, laying emphasis on broad professional perspective, solid disciplinary knowledge and stronger capability of social service in training comprehensive talents.Ethnology is a national-level featured specialty and first-rate discipline in Guangxi.History is a regional-level high quality specialty and a superior featured specialty among colleges and universities in Guangxi. The specialties of Social Work and Anthropology are majors with distinctive characteristics and promising future.

There is a team of high-level teaching staffs including the Teaching Group of National Level in the CES. There are 61 staffs at present, among which 44 staffs are full-time teachers, 31 staffs own senior professional titles, 28 staffsown doctorates.Leading by the older generation of ethnologists and anthropologists such as Zhang Youjun, Fan Honggui, and Xu Jieshun etc., the CEShas achieved outstandingresearch results in Ethnology and Anthropology of southern China and Southeast Asia.

The CES has a sound academic basis including a series of high-level scientific research platforms such as Key Research Centers of National Commission of Ethnic Affairs and Humanities and Social Sciences of Guangxi, Regional Level Talent Station, Mobile Station of Post-doctoral Research etc.. In addition, there are two laboratories of ethnic crafts and archaeology of science and technology respectively, threeresearch centers of Overseas Chinese Culture of Guangxi, Frontier, Population and Urbanization Studies, an Ethnographic Museum displaying cultures of the 12 ethnic groups resided in Guangxi for generations, and a library of post-doctoral researches. All of these can provide students and teachers with favorable facilities for their academic life and career development.

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