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Xiangsihu College

The college has two campuses: Xiangsihu Campus is located at No.1North Pengfei Rd. Xixiangtang District, Nannning, with a construction area of 143,200 square meters; Wuming Campus is located in Nanning Education Park, Wuming District, which is under construction. Xiangsihu Campus is well equipped with various and advanced teaching infrastructures. There are 76 multimedia classrooms, 15 multimedia digital language labs, 4 public computer labs, 54 specialized labs, 68 off-campus internship training bases, various teaching facilities worth 53,850,000 RMB, 2209 computers for teaching, and 850,000 books collected in the library as well as 610,000 electronic books. In addition, various stadiums and gymnasiums cover an area of 30,000 square meters.

The college aims at cultivating applied undergraduate talents with one specialty and multiple abilities adhering to the motto of “Advocating virtues; Longing for knowledge; Striving for progress and Encouraging practice”. The college successively received various awards and titles like Pilot College of the Program of “Cooperation between Industry and Education, Collaborative Cultivation” of the Ministry of Education, “Overall Transformation Development Pilot College in Newly Built Undergraduate Universities and Colleges of Guangxi”, the Second Batch Training Bases of Animation Talents in Guangxi, Nanning Animation Talents Training Base, Advanced Institution for Logistics Work in Guangxi Universities and Colleges during 2008-2011, Excellent Hygiene College of the Autonomous Region, Secure and Civilized Campus of the Autonomous Region, FUSC Rowing and Dragon Boat Excellent College, Excellent Organization Award for Volunteering Service in the 11th China-ASEAN Expo, China-ASEAN Business and Investment Summit, Excellent Organization Award for Volunteering Service in the 45th World Gymnastics Championships, Excellent Organization Award in the third "Internet +" Guangxi College Student Entrepreneurship Competition in 2017, “Outstanding Organization Award” in 2014 “Creative Youth” —Guangxi College Students Entrepreneurship Contest, Promotion Leadership Award in 2014 National Construction Dance Contest Finals, etc.. Our students took part in various competitions, won more than 200 awards of province level or higher, which includes the third prize of the 13th National Multimedia Courseware Contest——Higher Education Engineering Group, the First Prize of the International Trade Competition of "Zhixinlianchuang Cup" in the National Business Elite Challenging Competition of Colleges and Universities in 2018. Grand Prize of 2014 National Management Decision-making Simulation Contest Finals, the First Prize of the 6th (2015) National College Enterprise Competition Contest Live Finals, the Second Prize of 2014 FLTRP Cup English Writing Contest and the Third Prize of the 7th National College Students Oral Vietnamese Contest, the First Prize of Guangxi Translation Contest. And microfilmKnowledge Makes Lifewas one of the only two finalists of Guangxi into the 22nd Beijing University Students Film Festival & the 16th Original Film Contest Drama Unit; one student majoring in Broadcasting and Anchoring won the third prize of the 16th Qiyue Recitation Arts Festival & the 2nd National College Students Recitation, which was the highest award for Guangxi universities and colleges to obtain so far; the work of student majoring in Arts won the third prize of National College Students Advertising Arts Contest and a National Masterpiece Award of the National College Students Advertising Arts Festival Academy Award. In 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 China-ASEAN Image Ambassador Pageants, the students from our college performed exceptionally well with 4 champions, 1 runner-up and more than 10 individual awards. The College Dragon Boat Team has won four times first place in group total score, one second place in group total score, 9 individual champions and 9 individual runners-up in various international competitions. The College Cheerleading Team has gained good results with the first place of Jazz Dance Level-4 and the first place of Bouquet Dance Level-5 in 2010 National Cheerleading League and National Cheerleading Championship, the first prize of “Light Equipment Fitness Exercise Level-3 (General Institutions)”, the Grand Prize of “Light Equipment Fitness Exercise Level-4” and the first place of “Light Equipment Fitness Exercise Level-4 (General Institutions)” in 2012 National Fitness Exercise Rating Actions Contest, etc.

After 16 years’ exploration, the college has gradually formed its running orientation: making full use of its geographic advantage in the core area of the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area, and the advantage as well as the established national, regional and international characteristics of the its mother university—Guangxi University for Nationalities, based in Guangxi, backed on the Southwest and Southern China, facing Southeast Asia, Xiangsihu College of Guangxi University for Nationalities aims at training high-quality applied talents with innovative spirit and practical abilities, who are also adaptable to the needs of regional economic and social development and strives to become a leading applied institute of higher education with influence and distinctive features both in Guangxi and Southeast Asia.

Fully utilizing the brand advantage of Guangxi University for Nationalities on which the college relies, the college is comprised of 9 departments, namely, Department of Management, Department of International Trade, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Department of Culture and Communication, Department of Foreign Languages, Department of Art and Design, Department of Sports, Department of Law and Department of Ideological and Political Theories Teaching. The college has approximately 9339 full-time enrolled students from 17 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities from all over the country.

After 16 years’ development, Xiangsihu College has set up 34 undergraduate programs such as International Economy and Trade. 5 disciplinary specialized clusters have gradually shaped: Economy and Trade disciplinary specialized cluster (International Economy and Trade, Taxation, Law), Management disciplinary specialized cluster (Marketing, Tourism Management, Logistics Management, Management of Cultural Industry, Social Sports Guidance and Management), Arts disciplinary specialized cluster (Visual Communication Design, Environment Design, Product Design, Clothing and Apparel Design, Digital Media Arts, Animation, Art of Broadcasting and Anchoring, Broadcast and TV Editing & Direction), Languages and Literature disciplinary specialized cluster (Chinese Language and Literature, Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, English, Vietnamese, Thai, Laos, Burmese, Indonesian), Information Engineering disciplinary specialized cluster (Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, Digital Media Technology, Network Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Safety Engineering and Environment Engineering). Among the above specialties, the Specialty of Culinary Arts and Nutrition Education is rated as “Distinctive Specialty” and one of the construction specialties of “Integration of Curriculum Construction” of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Meanwhile, the Specialty of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages and the Specialty of Indonesian are rated as key construction specialties of the same level. While the International Economy and Trade Cluster is elected in the first batch of pilot specialty clusters for the transformation development of the newly built undergraduate institutes of Guangxi. In the past four years, the annual enrollment score ranks among the top three of all independent colleges in Guangxi. The employment rate of 2017 graduates is 96.29%.

The college implements distinctive applied technical personnel training modes. Centering on knowledge structure, the college firstly forges three personnel training modes: a. “Language + Specialty” personnel training mode which sets up Economy and Trade, Management and Humanities course models in 6 specialties—Thai, Vietnamese, Laos, Burmese, Indonesian and English; b. “Specialty + Language” personnel training mode which adds language course models in 8 specialties like International Trade and Management, etc.; c. “Specialty + Computer” applied technical talents training mode implemented in specialties such as Art Design, Broadcast and TV Editing & Direction, Editing and Publishing, Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, etc.. Furthermore, the college strives to build three personnel training modes centering on abilities: a. “3 years studying at home + 1 year studying abroad” personnel training mode aiming at strengthening students’ language proficiency and the abilities of international exchange; b. collaborative education personnel training mode focusing on increasing the students’ applied abilities; c. entrepreneurship oriented personnel training mode aiming at fostering the students’ innovation and entrepreneurship. In June 2016,Guangming Dailypublished a special report on the transformation and development of our college, which has attracted wide attention.

The college has a young and vigorous teaching staff which devotes great enthusiasm in the teaching career of higher education. Among them, 513 full-time and part-time teachers are of one-year employment term, 194 are of associate professors or higher professional title, and320have a master’s degree or higher degrees.

Since 2011, full-time teaching staff of the college has obtained 2 scientific research projects of national level, 63 projects of provincial level or higher level and 54 projects of department level, published 27 monographs (including textbooks) and 767 papers, which include 41 papers published on core periodicals. The college has also received 13 awards for scientific research and patents, which comprise of 1 third prize for scientific technology of Ministry of Education, 1 first prize paper of provincial periodical, 2 outstanding achievement awards of Guangxi educational and scientific research and 1 excellent teaching material award of the 3rd Chinese University Publishing Book Award.

The college has established long-term and steady partnerships with 28 universities and institutions of higher education in U.K., France, Japan, U.S.A., Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia and Taiwan region.The“3+1” training mode for cultivating internationalized talents (1years studying at home + 1 year studying abroad) has been adopted in 19 majors such as International Economy and Trade, Financial Engineering, Finance Management, taxation and Languages of Southeastern Countries, etc.. More than 300 students choose to study abroad through various programs every year. Over the past 16 years, a total number of 4800 students or so has been sent to study abroad. In April 2018, the first batch of Thai students has come to the college for study Chinese culture. Since then, a new era of the education of international students and internationalization of the college has started.

In recent years, the students of Xiangsihu College have made excellent performance in social volunteering by providing 550 volunteers for China-ASEAN Expo & Investment Summit, 8 volunteers for 2008 Beijing Olympics, 93 volunteers for the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in 2009 and 6 volunteers for 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games. All the volunteering service was highly recognized by the related governments and departments. What’s more, 300 students of our college took part in the dancing and singing of 11 programs of 2010 and 2012 Nanning International Folk Song Arts Festival, which was broadcasting in CCTV 3 and thus brought a good reputation to our college.

Up to now, the college has cultivated 12,800 applied undergraduates exigently needed for the local and national economic construction and social development. Among them, more than 11,800 graduates received a Bachelor’s Degree, with the rate of 92%; 3200 or so students received National Scholarship and National Grants, etc.; more than 100 students were awarded the titles of “Merit Student in Morality, Study and Health” of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and “Excellent Student Leader”, and 20 classes received the title of “Advanced Class” of the Autonomous Region. In the past seven years, 270 graduates of the college were admitted to the postgraduate programs of Beijing Normal University, Sun Yat-sen University, Newcastle University in U.K.,Katholieke Universiteit Leuvenin Belgium,Aix-Marseille Université in Franceand other renowned colleges and universities both at home and abroad. A batch of young, potential and promising alumni also sprang up from the graduates who are working in all walks of life throughout the country.

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