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Profile of Sino-British College

1. History and Background

In 1960, the Department of Political Science was founded. In 1987 and 1992 the Department respectively housed two more majors-the Enterprise Management Major and the Major of International Economics and Trade. In 1997, the Department of Political Science was renamed the Department of Politics and Economics. Subsequently, in April 2000, the University established the Department of Politics and Law and the School of Management branching out from the Department of Politics and Economics. In July 2003, the School of Management was renamed the School of Economics and Management. In March 2005, the School of Economics and Management was renamed into two entities-the Business School and the School of Management. In 2014, the University prepared to set up the Sino-British College on the basis of the Sino-British Cooperative Programme of the Business School. In January 2015, Sino-British College became independent, which manages the operation of the cooperative undergraduate accounting programme between Guangxi University for Nationalities (GXUN) and Staffordshire University (SU).

2. Talent Training Objectives and Characteristics

The cooperative accounting programme between GXUN and SU is the first Sino-foreign cooperative undergraduate programme in Guangxi Province approved by the Ministry of Education. Incorporated as part of the National General Undergraduate Enrollment Plan, this programme has been recruiting students since 2012, offering core courses in financial accounting, management accounting and finance, cultivating talents with international perspectives, skills in both domestic and overseas accounting affairs who can deal with accounting practice, teaching and scientific research work in government departments, institutions, and enterprises (especially foreign enterprises). The programme adopts the "4+0" model, in which SU courses are taught in English language by teachers recruited from all over the world. Upon fulfilling the degree requirements of both GXUN and SU, students are able to obtain an undergraduate graduation certificate in accounting and a bachelor's degree in management from GXUN, and they will get a Bachelor of Arts degree in accounting and finance at the same time from SU.

This programme is a further development of Guangxi's higher education in introducing high-quality foreign educational resources, developing cooperation and exchanges with European countries, and serving the national “Belt and Road Initiative”. The programme has become an important window facing Europe for Guangxi's Sino-foreign cooperative education, strengthening the cooperation with British universities, promoting Sino-British higher education cooperation and exchange, and improving the quality of talent training. In 2013 the programme passed the review and assessment by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) of UK. In 2015, it successfully passed the evaluation of Sino-foreign cooperative education projects by the China’s Ministry of Education. In 2016, it passed the review and evaluation of undergraduate teaching work by the Ministry of Education.

The programme has 2 batches of graduates, with nearly 90% of them receiving diplomas from both GXUN and SU. Our graduates are employed by government departments, institutions, banks, accounting firms, etc. Nearly 30% of the graduates choose to study abroad for a master's degree. Our Sino-British College students are able to obtain CGMA certification if they meet the professional body’s requirement. This is an added advantage to our students, thus giving than a better edge over other accounting graduates. PWC and Ernst & Young, two of the four famous accounting firms, have employed our graduates.

3. Main Research Areas or Highlights of the College

The faculty has successively undertaken 26 national and provincial-level research projects. In the past five years, they have published 150 research papers and a total of 10 monographs, achieving remarkable results in teaching and scientific research.

4. The Basic Composition the College

The college has rich international experience and strong capabilities in running a school. It comprises an academic (degree) committee, an accounting professional R&D department, an international foundation Programme Department, an administrative office, an academic affairs office, a student work office, and an overseas study service center. There are 26 faculty members, including 15 full-time teachers and 11 administrative staff; 13 foreign teachers recruited worldwide. Five teachers have doctoral degrees and 18 teachers have master's degrees. 3 teachers is listed in the first phase of academic training for the Top 10, Top 100 accounting talents in Guangxi. The programme currently has 301 full-time students.

In addition to sharing GXUN resources, the college owns two levels of teaching buildings, 13 multimedia classrooms, 2 virtual simulation labs, teaching case discussion rooms, and study rooms. The college has its self-built resource center, having 950 books in both Chinese and English language, as well as a special reading room. The college advocates informationalization of teaching, and the teaching feature is the Moodle teaching platform.

5. International Cooperation and Exchange

The College vigorously implements international development strategies for running educations and now has exchanges with more than 10 universities and institutions in Europe, America and other countries. More than 50 graduates of the two batches of graduates now progress into the University of Leicester, University of Reading, The University of Sheffield and Cardiff University in the UK for their postgraduate degree. Nearly a third of the graduates study overseas each year. The college is a CGMA certificate training partner of the Royal Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and an IELTS recognizing body.

6. External Contact Information (communication address, etc.)

Correspondence address: Administrative Office of Sino-British College, 4th Floor, International Education Complex, Guangxi University for Nationalities, No. 188, East Daxue Road, Xixiangtang District, Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China.

Contact Person: Mr. Wang , Director of the Administrative Office;

Tel: 0771-3265109, Fax: 0771-3265109; E-mail: GXUNzy@gxun.edu.cn.

A Foreign Teacher is Teaching for a  Small Group


Foreign Teachers Are Leturing in the Language Lab


Graduation Ceremony for The First Batch of Students in This Programme


Tutorial Sessions Given by Foreign Teachers

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