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School of the Arts, Guangxi University for Nationalities

The School of the Arts (SA), GXUN, was founded in 2002 and through many years’ efforts and development, it is currently composed of the Department of Fine Arts and Design, the Department of Music, the Department of Dance, the Department of General Arts Education, and a Research Center. The School offers seven undergraduate programs, including Environmental Art Design, Visual Design, Product Design, Fine Arts, Musicology, Music Performance (Vocal and Instrumental Performance), and Dance Performance.

Apart from its BA programs, SA also offers a master’s degree in “Art History and Modern Art” and postgraduate courses in “Art Education”. Moreover, it is also an important contributor to the University-wide programs in General Arts Education, bringing its high-quality education to a wider university audience.

The success of SA programs stems largely from the quality of its academic staff. At present, SA has a teaching and administrative staff of more than 60 and 1033 students, both undergraduates and postgraduates, from eight provinces and autonomous regions in China. In an attempt to make its teaching meet the practical demands of students and enhance the research capability of its faculty, the School has set up several research institutes, including the Institute of Ethnic Music Composition, the Institute of Ethnic Architecture and Decorative Arts from Southwest China, and the Institute of Ethnic Calligraphy Culture. As a result, SA has achieved a lot in research at various levels, approval of research projects, publication of theses, monographs, textbooks, and creation of artistic works, and some of its faculty won prizes in such categories as ethnic literature, MTV, song, and excellent artistic creation at or above the provincial and ministerial levels.

Students are at the centre of SA. It provides not only quality teachers and engaging courses, but numerous opportunities for its students in extra-curricular learning and social activities. For example, it organized its teachers and students to participate in such major events as Nanning International Folk Song Arts Festival and the Opening Ceremony of the National Traditional Games of Ethnic Minorities of China, and the events hosted by China Central Television (CCTV) and Guangxi Television (GXTV). Its students also took part in all kinds of art competitions at various levels and won many awards. Furthermore, the School’s art troupe paid many visits to Southeast Asian countries, like Thailand and Indonesia, to give performances and conduct exchanges in arts.

SA is devoted to undergraduate education, actively developing postgraduate education at the same time. In this way, a complete talent-training system is taking shape. Drawing on the advantages of holistic and multidisciplinary education and ideal location of the University, SA assimilates the essence of the arts from ethnic minorities in China and that from ASEAN countries. The School engages its students in the search for innovation and versatility, with a belief in the rewards of hard work and determination to apply their skills to the service of society. Competence has always been given the priority in the training of students to ensure that the graduates are highly equipped and accomplished in a bid to sharpen the competitive edge of SA in Guangxi and throughout China. Only by doing this can the School be built into a unique and dynamic center for teaching, research and creation of arts, and training of outstanding graduates.

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