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School of Southeast Asian Studies

School of Southeast Asian Studies, spun off as a new college from School of Foreign Studies in 2014, is one of the colleges with the most distinctive characteristic of the Southeast Asia. The history of this college can be traced back to the majors of Vietnamese and Lao languages established in 1964. Currently, there are 7 majors of Southeast Asian languages including Vietnamese, Thai, Lao, Cambodian, Burmese, Indonesian, and Malay.

Based on Guangxi, Extended to China, and oriented at ASEAN,School of Southeast Asian Studies cultivates talents of foreign language with a solid foundation of ASEAN language and culture, a reasonable knowledge structure, good humanistic qualities, strong ability of self-learning, thinking, innovation and intercultural communication, as well as an international perspective.

For half a century, the School has continuously updated its education and teaching concept and formed a school-running feature with the aim of cultivating internationalized and innovative foreign language talents. Great achievements have been made in the fields of personnel training, scientific research, social services and cultural heritage.

The School implements the “3+1” talent training model, in which undergraduates study abroad in corresponding countries during their junior year. Since the graduates of this college have strong competitiveness, the annual employment rate is among the highest in the university. At present, the college has successfully delivered more than 2,000 foreign language talents for the country and society.

In 2001, the School was approved as the first batch of National Non-common Language Undergraduate Training Base by the Ministry of Education. In 2006, it was approved as a Non-common Language Translation Talent Training Base for Southeast Asia. The Asian-African Linguistics Discipline received the master's degree in 2000 and was included in the Guangxi Provincial Department of Education as an autonomous region-level key construction discipline in 2003. In 2005, it became the first batch of regional key disciplines in Guangxi University for Nationalities, and in 2013 it obtained the second-level discipline doctoral program. In 2015, it was granted a Master of Translation (Thai language) delegation.

The School has 53 in-service faculty members, including 43 full-time teachers. Among these full time teachers, there are 12 teachers with senior professional titles, and 16 teachers with Ph.D titles (including doctoral candidates). All the full-time teachers have the experience of further education or studying abroad in Southeast Asian countries.They are young and middle-aged teachers full of youth and creation.


Teachers and students’services for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games


The project“Open Training of Undergraduates for Non-common Foreign Languages”won the second prize of national teaching achievement, September,

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