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School of Science

Founded in November, 2011, the School of Science, Guangxi University for Nationalities has a long history, with its predecessor, Special Training Program for Mathematics and Physics, established in 1960, which has gone through numerous separations and integrations from then on.

Consisting of 5 departments and 1 laboratory, it boasts 1 first-level Master degree discipline, 8 second-level Master degrees and 2 professional Master degree disciplines, as well as 1 first-class discipline of Guangxing in developing and 2 key subjects on provincial level. Among its 6 undergraduate majors, Information and Computation Science and Physics are the two authenticated high-class majors by Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

Besides, the School of Science is recognized for a high-quality curriculum of Guangxi, a provincial experimental teaching demonstration center, a CAS research base, a key laboratory of Guangxi universities, and a Guangxi university platform of science and technology innovation. Its laboratories cover an area of 4,188 square meters, including a physical experiment teaching demonstration center, a mathematics and statistics laboratory, a materials engineering lab and a virtual lab for financial mathematics, all of which are equipped with large teaching equipments worth nearly 14,670,000 RMB, such as hypothermy plasma generators, vacuum coating machines, X-ray diffraction(XRD), scanning electron microscopes(SEM), vibrating sample magnetometers, etc.

It has a faculty of 59 members, including 48 full-time teachers and 11 administrative staff, with 15 professors, 16 associate professors, 25 Doctors and 14 Masters. More importantly, it has a pool of high-level talents, e.g. 3 experts enjoying the State Council special allowance, 2 doctoral tutors, 3 teachers listed as second-level talents by Guangxi Top Talent Project, 3 excellent experts of Guangxi, 2 specially hired specialists and 1 distinguished scholar, as well as one advanced innovation team.

With 1,355 students in total, i.e. 1266 undergraduates plus 89 postgraduates, by giving into full play complementary advantages of “class, academic completions, practice and trainings” , the School of Science always commits itself to cultivating compound talents possessing strong social responsibility, healthy personality, sound professional ethics and excellent professional skills, as well as creative spirit, independent and critical thinking, producing numerous famous primary and middle school teachers and experts and specialists in all areas. In recent years, a large number of students have been taking part in and performing very well in academic competitions, such as national mathematic modeling competition, math contest, teaching contest and metallographic skill completion.

Since 2011, teachers from the School of Science have undertaken 25 national natural science projects and international cooperation projects, 30 research projects on provincial level and over 100 ones of other types. Furthermore, they have published more than 600 papers on major academic periodicals home and abroad, among which 350 papers are covered by SCI and EI database, 5 ones granted the second prize and 1 the third prize of Guangxi Natural Science Advance Award.

The School of Science has set up communication and cooperation partnership with universities and research institutions in Hong Kong and overseas, e.g. Poland, France, Russia, Australia, etc. Renowned experts and scholars are invited to the School for academic exchanges and research collaboration. In addition, quite a few selected teachers have paid academic visits to such foreign countries as Austria, U.S., Canada, Singapore, Spain and Poland. The School has sent 5 graduates abroad to pursue Master or Doctor degree, all of whom perform very well during their study in overseas universities.




Address: No.188, Daxue Donglu, Nanning, Guangxi

Contact person: Liandong Feng

Contact number: 0771-3260133

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