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School of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering

The School of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering of Guangxi University for Nationalities was founded in 1960. Guided by the school motto in the past decades, the school has been developed into a relatively complete and modern institution for higher education and research, and an incubator for intellectual rigor, critical thinking, diverse perspectives, and innovation. Our vision is to be one of the influential academic institutions in science and technology in western China. Dynamic and challenging curriculums and varied opportunities for research are offered to undergraduate and graduate students leading to bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees, which is as follow.

Programs offered

Doctoral degree

● Chemical Engineering and Technology

● Ethnic medicine

Masters degree

● Chemical Technology

● Biochemical Engineering

● Applied Chemistry

● Pharmaceutical and fine chemicals

Bachelors Degree

● Chemistry

● Applied Chemistry

● Chemical Engineering and Technology

● Environmental Engineering

● Pharmaceutical Engineering

● Polymer material and Engineering

● Chinese pharmaceutical manufacturing

Currently, the School consists of seven departments: Chemistry, Applied chemistry, Chemical engineering and technology, Environmental engineering, Pharmaceutical engineering, Polymer material and engineering, and Pharmacy of traditional Chinese medicine. In 2018, there are 1370 undergraduate student and 105 graduate students. The undergraduate education provides comprehensive training with fundamental knowledge, skills for basic equipment, and broad horizons. The undergraduate students were encouraged to participate in scientific research projects. The average employment rate is more than 96% in the past years. The training of graduate students aims for creative specialists with independent thinking in their field.

In 2018, the School of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering consists of 82 excellent faculties including 25 full professors and 20 associate professors. Equipped with advanced educational philosophy and methods, as well as the strong ability of scientific research, a number of the faculties have received awards such as National model teachers, Guangxi Excellent Experts, Guangxi Excellent Teachers, and so on, for their achievements in research and education.

The School of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering provides opportunities for students to engage with faculty in research and gain direct experience with new instrumentation using today’s state-of-the-art technology. The school cooperates academia and research with industry by establishing various laboratories and platforms including several provincial key laboratories (e.g., Guangxi Key Laboratory of Chemistry and Engineering of Forest Products and Key Laboratory Cultivation Base for Polysaccharide Materials and their Modification), and carrying out projects funded by natural science foundations and others. In 2018, the total area of the laboratories is about 15000 m2, accommodating instrumentation of 60 million CNY. The research projects cover basic science, food safety, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, materials, Bioengineering, etc. In the past five years, the total funding reached about 52 million CNY, and 177 publications were indexed by SCI. The contribution of the school to science, technology, and society is recognized by prizes such as the second prize of Liang Xi forestry science and Technology Award, the second prize of Guangxi Technological Invention Award, and so on.



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