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College of International Education

The College of International Education was established in March, 2015 on the basis of the former College of International Communication. It integrates overseas education resources and undertakes the significant mission of “Internationalism”, which is one of the school-running characteristics of Guangxi University for Nationalities. The college focuses on the supervising and cultivating of both overseas students and domestic vocational college students. It’s in charge of the Funding Project of Training Overseas Chinese Language Teachers, which is assigned by the National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language in China, test arrangements of HSK and Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. It’s also the cooperative unit of the Leading Group of the 165 Project of the Central Organizing Department of Vietnam.

The College consists of Administrative Office, Teaching Office Overseas StudentsAffairs Office, Enrolling Affairs OfficeYouth League Division, Department of International Chinese Education and Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures. The total staff includes 46 members, 15 administrators and 31 specialist teachers, 4 of whom are professors, 4 with doctorate degrees, and 37 with master’s degrees.

In 2005, when the College was first established, the number of international students was 420. The scale was expanded quickly to 1,279 overseas students in 2017. Thus our university has become one of the universities in Guangxi receiving the most international students. The college features a unique pattern of education, teaching and administration, providing “small sizes of language classes and people-oriented services”, insisting on the objective of “one international student, one international friend, and one international talent”. In 2009, the college was awarded “Advanced Unit of International Students’ Administration” by the Ministry of Education of the central government.

The college also features the pattern of “2+2” which means studying in GXUN for 2 years and in a contracted foreign university (usually of Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia) for another 2 years. Under the pattern, the college has fostered over 5,000 compound talents who not only majored in International Business, Applied Linguistics or Legal Affairs but also mastered foreign languages including English and the language of the target country. Since 2006, the college has sent over 3000 students to the contracted universities.

The faculty of the college has published numerous journal articles, research works and translations. They are hosts of plenty of national and provincial research projects and have won both first prizes and second prizes in the National Multimedia Courseware Design Competition and other provincial rewards.

The College of International Education is now progressing both on the express of building “world-class universities and world-class disciplines” and on the way of school-running characteristics of internationalism.




Contact person: Ms. CHEN Xiyi

Title: Office Director

Address: Office A1206The College of International Education , Guangxi University for Nationalities, No. 188 East Daxue RoadNanning, Guangxi, China 530006  



E-mail: 315439406@qq.com

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