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College of Ethnic Preparatory Education

Founded in 1953, the College of Ethnic Preparatory Education, Guangxi University for Nationalities began as a "Cadre Cultural Class" of Guangxi University for Nationalities. It was successively known as Cultural Learning Department, the Middle School, the Preparatory Department, and the Preparatory Department of Universities. During the Cultural Revolution, it was suspended for a time due to interference from the left. In the autumn of 1978, the ethnic preparatory education resumed enrollment and schooling as the country set things right. In June 1992, the People’s Government of the Autonomous Region decided to adopt the policy of “centralized school running” that all ethnic preparatory students enrolled in colleges and universities in Guangxi should be educated in the selected university (Guangxi University for Nationalities). In July 2003, the People’s Government of the Autonomous Region made another major decision to establish “Guangxi Ethnic Preparatory Education Base (GXEPEB)” at Guangxi University for Nationalities. Since then, the ethnic preparatory education in Guangxi has stepped into a new era highlighted with the appearance of "Ethnic Preparatory Education Base" on the stage of education and the establishment of a mode of running school in the whole region .

Currently, there are 2,788 preparatory students in the college. These students from 11 ethnic minorities in Guangxi, including Zhuang, Dong, Miao, Yao, etc. are enrolled by Guangxi University for Nationalities, Guangxi Normal University, Guangxi Medical University, Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine, Guilin Medical University, Guangxi University of Science and Technology, Guangxi Teachers Education University, Yulin Normal University, Guangxi University of Finance and Economics, Youjiang Medical University for Nationalities, Hechi University and Nanning University etc, totaling 24 universities and colleges in Guangxi. Since its establishment in 1953, 65 years ago, the college has delivered a total of approximately 28,000 qualified students of ethnic minorities to all universities and colleges in the region. Through a one-year study, ethnic preparatory students have significantly improved their basic knowledge and overall quality. They have met or exceeded the level of education of freshmen enrolled in universities and colleges that year, and achieved the preparatory education and teaching goals. Ethnic preparatory education thus becomes the "Golden Bridge" for minority students to successfully enter university. The College of Ethnic Preparatory Education has made a positive contribution to fostering a large number of ethnic minority cadres and technical talents for the economic and social development of ethnic areas and for the realization of equality, unity, progress, and common prosperity of all ethnic groups.

In the 65 years since the founding of the College of Ethnic Preparatory Education in Guangxi, especially the foundation of GXEPEB for the past 15 years, the college has been based on the reality of the ethnic minority areas of Guangxi and adhered to the principle of “serving ethnic minorities and serving ethnic minority areas”, dared to explore and innovate. It continued to deepen the reform of education and teaching, continuously strengthened the moral education and management of students, and increased the investment in infrastructure construction, thereby consolidating the foundation for the development of ethnic preparatory education, accumulating rich experience in running schools, and finding a way to match Guangxi. The practice of ethnic preparatory education and teaching is also conducive to improving the quality of education and teaching, as well as the new way of running a school. It has formed a unique school-running feature and model. The experience, characteristics and model in running Guangxi ethnic preparatory education have become a highlight in China's national preparatory education and teaching, which have been widely praised by domestic counterparts and fully approved by Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and State Ethnic Affairs Commission. It has won a number of honors including "National Honorary Title of the Model Collective of National Unity and Progress" and " Honorary Title of the Model Collective of National Unity and Progress of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region " . "Exploration and Innovation of Guangxi Model of Ethnic Preparatory Education" has won the first prize of Prizes for Teaching Achievements of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

The mode of running schools for preparatory education in Guangxi contains three characteristics. Firstly, “mass concentration” education is implemented for all ethnic preparatory classes within the territory of the entire autonomous region. Secondly, the enrollment policy for the students must be strictly implemented which requires that they are fresh high school graduates of ethnic minorities, that they are permanent residents registered in rural areas, and that they are from former revolutionary base areas, minority nationalities inhabited areas, remote and border areas, or poverty-stricken areas. Thirdly, the students benefit from the policy of “free tuition fees”. The characteristics and modes fully guarantee the quality and efficiency of running schools. On the other hand, it also ensures that young people from rural ethnic minorities can truly enjoy the equal rights to receive higher education, so that the basic purpose of ethnic preparatory education of our country can be implemented. This practice can keep schooling in the proper course, optimize the efficiency and improve the level of running schools. The principles in this practice contain sticking to the fundamental purpose of “serving ethnic minorities and ethnic minority regions”, providing equal educational opportunities as the fundamental value orientation, and running schools in large-scale centralized mode based on local conditions and individual aptitude.

The College of Ethnic Preparatory Education currently has 61 faculty members, including 43 full-time teachers (12 with senior titles and 26 with intermediate titles). There are 6 teaching and research sections giving courses in Chinese, mathematics, English, physics and computer, chemistry and biology, and politics and history. Four offices provide administration and management in teaching. The youth league sub-committee and student affair division deal with students’ affairs. The college owns and runs a comprehensive laboratory. Featured with national characteristics, the Ethnic Preparatory Education and Cadre Training Complex is brand-new and modern. A total of 20,000 square meters for teaching, experiments and administration, the college owns 22 classrooms, 12 multi-media classrooms, 5 language labs, 5 computer labs, 4 physics labs, 4 chemical labs, 1 math lab, 2 biological labs (to be built), and 2 reference rooms. There are 15 administrative office rooms and 2 conference rooms. There are music rooms, dance classrooms, and teacher-student activity rooms. Classrooms and laboratories are equipped with advanced teaching instruments and equipment, and the total value of fixed assets has reached more than 20 million yuan. In addition, there are two student apartment buildings with complete living facilities. The new student cafeteria, library, and gymnasium have all been completed. Adequate teaching and office space, advanced teaching and experimental equipment, and a sophisticated public service system have provided a solid material guarantee for the teaching of ethnic preparatory education.

Ethnic preparatory education is a special and effective measure for accelerating the reform and development of higher education in ethnic groups, training all kinds of urgently needed talents for ethnic minority areas, and adapting them to the needs of economic and social development in ethnic minority areas. It is an important part of the socialist higher education system with Chinese characteristics, and it strengthens national unity. It is of great strategic significance to safeguard the unity of the country and promote the progress and common prosperity of all ethnic groups. In order to speed up the development of ethnic preparatory education in Guangxi and train more talented people in ethnic minority areas, during the “13th Five-Year Plan” period in China, under the correct leadership of party committees and governments at all levels , under the guidance of Scientific Outlook on Development, the college will continue to deepen teaching reform and strives to build the college into a national model preparatory education base and to provide a satisfying preparatory education for the people !

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