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College of ASEAN Studies


The College of ASEAN Studies, established in May 2010 with Li Zhaoxing, Ex-Foreign Minister as its Dean Emeritus, was meant to be research-focused. With excellent faculty, talented graduate students, abundant library collections, and outstanding institutional support, the College of ASEAN Studies supports teaching and research on ASEAN-related topics across all disciplines and serves as a consultancy and think tank for governmental and non-governmental organizations.



The College of ASEAN Studies has the following objectives:

● To pursue academic uniqueness, increase academic visibility and build academic brands;

● To become a national institution of ASEAN studies integrating academic research, talent cultivation, international exchanges and policy consultation;

● To serve as a think tank in promoting the all-round development of China-ASEAN relations.

Research institutions:

● ASEAN Studies Center, a platform certified by the Ministry of Education, is making a series of research efforts into laws, higher education, tourism and sports of ASEAN countries.

● China-ASEAN Research Center, developed out of the Research Institute of Southeast Asian Studies of Guangxi University for Nationalities which was set up in 1995, aims to address the impending issues during the establishment of the Pan-Beibu Gulf Economic Zone and China-ASEAN Free Trade Area.

Social services:

● Providing consultancy reports for the Foreign Ministry, Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council and other institutions;

● Carrying out research projects outsourced by other institutions;

● Analyzing news events on the TV media;

● Training ASEAN-related professionals;

● Serving China-ASEAN Expo.

M. A. Program:

● ASEAN Studies

● Chinese and Southeast Asian civilizations

● International Relations


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