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Academy of Chinese Culture

With the approval of the President Office in Guangxi University for Nationalities, the Academy of Chinese Culture (ACC) was founded on 31 May 2017, aiming to maintain and carry forward the classic Chinese culture. As a research institute, it has the responsibility of teaching and research, enrollment and training, publicity and social service. Meanwhile it facilitates the university Party committee in political, moral and traditional virtue education and participates in promoting campus culture and spiritual civilization.

ACC is comprised of academic advisers, academic advisory committee, academy administration board, Offices and departments of planning, academics, teaching, training and the editorial office for Essays on Chinese Classic Cultures. Mr. Liang Chaoran, the former vice chairman of CPPC of Guangxi Autonomous Region, acts as honorary dean. Professor Zhang Zhenying is appointed as dean and Mr. Chen Minbin, member of the standing Party committee and the head of university publicity department as the vice dean. The first Academy Committee consists of members as follows: Zhang Zhenying, Chen Minbin, Chen Yuan, Qin Hongzeng, Wang Bozhong, Wei Hao, Wu Zhiyuan, Yang Tianbao, Zhang Xiao.

Since ACC was founded, it has held a number of activities and made the following achievements:

Ÿ   Carrying out the Design Competition for the Academy Emblem and website, and then create an emblem and a website with Chinese traditional style.

Ÿ   Attending a series of conferences such as the 6th National Joint Conference for Deans of Academy of Chinese Culture, 2018 Xiamen Sinology Forum: Seminar on Sinology and the education of traditional cultures, etc.

Ÿ   Gathering experiences through visiting the most well-known academies of Chinese culture or schools of Chinese classics in Chongqing, Wuhan, Zhengzhou and Hunan.

Ÿ   Holding the Online Contest on Chinese classics to welcome the opening of the 19th National Congress.

Ÿ   Selecting essays to publish the first academic magazine Essays on Chinese Classic Cultures.

Ÿ   Enrolling graduate students majoring at Chinese Classics Research, a new direction added to Chinese classical literature field in 2018.

Ÿ   Convening lectures: “Bagui Scholars Talking on Chinese Classics”, up to now six scholars had successfully delivered their lectures.

Ÿ   Hosting the first conference for Guangxi Institution of Chinese Classical Literature and high-end forums on the research trend of Chinese classical literature in Autonomous Region (2017.11).

Ÿ   Convening the seminar on Meng Haoran Reaearch and holding the 5th annual meeting for National Meng Haoran Research Institution (2018.5).

Ÿ   Delivering nearly 30 lectures to universities students, government officials    and employees of state-owned enterprises in China.

Ÿ   Purchasing the basic office equipment.  




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